18. A loser.

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Person:I think Spanglish is gross.
Me:A pos bye.

"Nobody will ever love you more than me"

Sometimes I wonder why there can’t be more people like you. You have such a kind heart. You’d do anything for anyone. You smile and your momma and I love it. Boys don’t chase you but that doesn’t bother you. You’re quiet, mysterious and even intimidating at times. You have long curly hair that you say you hate but I love it. You have big Bambi eyes and long eyelashes that naturally curl. When the other kids
Used to tease you about your weight I told them to stop and told them there was not a single thing wrong with you. You’ve worn glasses your whole life and you say it makes you look dumb but I think it’s the cutest. You wear big baggy clothes because you’ve told me how insecure you are but I say no matter what you wear you always look perfect to me. You said because the boy you liked for several years called you ugly and that made me more upset than anything. I wanted to strangle him and show him all the pain that u felt. I promise you I will always protect you. Nobody is ever gonna hurt you. I won’t let them. One day somebody will come along and love you forever the way I do. But nobody will ever love you more than me.


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